12 Vocabulary Words for English Learners Going on a Bowling Date

(Beginner English Learners: Definitions for Bowling and This Post Are Added Inside this Blog Post. Enjoy!)

Dear English Language Lover,

So… you have decided to go bowling on your next date.

Who cares about all the vocabulary you are about to learn if you are accidentally rude? Here are some tips to help you survive your first bowling date. There are a few bowling customs that you may not know if you have never bowled in the USA. Let’s talk about them.

  1. Please wear socks with your bowling shoes! Once you get to the bowling alley (the building where you will bowl), you will need to put on bowling shoes. Don’t worry; the bowling alley will allow you to use their shoes, but you still need socks. Socks keep bad smells from bowling shoes. Wearing socks will show kindness toward the person who will wear the bowling shoes after you.

*Honestly, I would even recommend bringing an extra pair of socks because the socks you use with the bowling shoes may become dirty inside those shoes. You don’t want to transfer nasty things into your own shoes!

  1. Ladies, don’t wear mini skirts (very short skirts) because bowling requires a lot of bending…
  2. If you are about to roll your ball at the same time as someone else, check to see whether the person is on your right or left side. It is polite in the sport of bowling to allow the person on the right side to bowl their ball before the person on the left.

Advice Tip: There isn’t a best or worst time to go bowling because it is an indoor sport, BUT it would be smart to call the bowling alley on the day of your date to reserve a lane for you. Popular bowling alleys may be crowded on certain days. You don’t want to risk waiting 30 minutes to an hour for a bowling lane to open.

Okay, now that we’ve talked about this, let’s work on your vocabulary. You don’t want to keep asking how to say things on your date, right? No problem! I am here to help you. Study these words and phrases to impress your date! Please remember that in English, some words will have several meanings. So, these definitions only apply to bowling.

  1. Lane – This is the area where you roll your ball.
  2. Bowling Pins – These are the white things at the end of the lane that will fall down when your ball touches them.
  3. Scoreboard – The screen that shows lane scores.
  4. Strike – This is when one ball causes all pins to fall down.
  5. X – On the scoreboard, an ‘X’ equals a strike.
  6. Spare – When you need to roll a ball twice to get all of the pins to fall down.
  7. / – On the scoreboard, this ‘/’ equals a spare.
  8. Floater – A ball that was thrown poorly. It rolls down the lane without much control.
  9. Miss – This is when a person is still unable to get all of the pins to fall down after rolling a ball twice.
  10. Pit – The back of the lane where the pins and the ball will fall.
  11. Trench – The narrow area on both sides of the lane. If a ball falls inside of the trench, the ball is no longer rolling toward the pins. The ball will roll on the side of the lane until it reaches the pit.
  12. Gutter Ball – A ball that falls into a trench.

There are more than 100 bowling terms, so it was not possible to list them all here. Yet, as an English Language Learner, these words will surely help you get through a date.

Here are a few vocabulary words for beginners reading this blog post. Please remember that in English, some words will have several meanings. These definitions only apply to how these words were used in this blog post.

  1. Tips (noun) – helpful ideas
  2. To Survive (verb) – to live through a hard time
  3. Accidentally (adverb) – to do something bad without knowing it was bad
  4. Custom (noun) – the way people will do something in a certain place or with a certain group
  5. Rude (adjective) – the state of being uncaring
  6. To Recommend (verb) – to tell someone that something is good; to give advice to someone
  7. To Transfer (verb) – to move
  8. Polite (adjective) – the state of being respectful
  9. Advice (noun) – helpful words of wisdom
  10. Indoor Sport (noun) – a sports game that is played inside a building
  11. To Reserve (verb) – to keep something for someone instead of giving that something to another person
  12. Crowded (adjective) – the state of having a lot of people in one place
  13. To Impress (verb) – to cause someone to think well of you
  14. To Apply (verb) – to be used during a certain time or to be used for a certain thing
  15. Researcher (noun) – a person that studies information

Here is the main question: Is bowling romantic? According to researchers, only 29% of Americans think bowling is romantic. Would I go bowling as a date? No. Should you go bowling? Well, if you think you and your date will have fun, I think you should both go bowling on your next date!

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