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Let's Talk Romance

Is Your Partner’s Love Stronger Than Your Ego?

Dear English Learner,

The romantic topic of today is on a small three letter word called, ‘ego.’ Both men and women can have an inflated ego, although society usually considers men to be more egotistical than women. This is something that I don’t agree with as I have met both humble and prideful people from both genders.

To be egotistical means to value the way other people see you; to care strongly about your reputation. Moreover, egotistical people are often willing to allow harm to come to themselves or others if taking a more humble approach seems less desirable.

Vocabulary for Your Next Date

9 Vocabulary Words for English Learners Going on a Date to the Carnival

Hi English Language Lover,

So, you and your date are going to a carnival, but you’ve never been to one before and don’t know what to expect. Well, you will only need to worry if you didn’t prepare, and today, I will help you to prepare for your date. You will also learn nine carnival vocabulary words that will help you to talk to your date and to know the names of things at the carnival.

Vocabulary for Your Next Date

15 Vocabulary Words for English Learners Going on a Date to the Ballet

Hi English Language Lover,

So you are heading to a ballet for your next date, but you don’t know any vocabulary on the subject. Don’t worry. This blog will help you to know what to wear and how to act. We will also talk about famous ballets that you can mention while on your date. Lastly, since no one wants to ask their date the meaning of words for an entire date, we will learn fifteen vocabulary words on the subject of ballet.