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Learn Tips and Tricks to Survive Your Romantic Relationship as an English Language Learner!

Let's Talk Romance

Is Your Partner’s Love Stronger Than Your Ego?

Dear English Learner,

The romantic topic of today is on a small three letter word called, ‘ego.’ Both men and women can have an inflated ego, although society usually considers men to be more egotistical than women. This is something that I don’t agree with as I have met both humble and prideful people from both genders.

To be egotistical means to value the way other people see you; to care strongly about your reputation. Moreover, egotistical people are often willing to allow harm to come to themselves or others if taking a more humble approach seems less desirable.

Let's Talk Romance

What does, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you” mean?

“I love you, but, I’m not in love with you,” is not a phrase any of you should ever want to hear. Some people may even think of it as a classic breakup line. It’s a phrase that means a person cares deeply about you, but he or she is no longer passionate about you.

Let’s break this phrase down a bit more. Think of your family members, your mother, your brothers, etc. Do you love them? Well, of course. Then ask yourself, “Would I ever want to marry one of them?” Eww, no, of course not!