Romantic Vocabulary Word of the Week: Breathtaking

(English Reading Level: Beginner; definitions are at the bottom of this blog post.)

This word means that something or someone is extremely beautiful – usually more beautiful than English words can express.

The phrase ‘took my breath away’ has the same meaning.

Simple Verb Tenses (Conjugation)

Although ‘breathtaking’ ends in -ing, it is used as an adjective; conjugation is not needed for this word.

Sample Sentences for Context

  1. You look absolutely breathtaking.
  2. He took my breath away with his smile.
  3. Her red dress was breathtaking.

Here are a few vocabulary words for beginners who read this blog post. Please remember that in English, some words may have more than one meaning. These definitions will only apply to how the words were used in this blog post.

  1. Extremely (adverb) – very
  2. Express (verb) – In this lesson, this word means to ‘describe.’
  3. Conjugation (noun) – the changing of verb endings based on tense
  4. Context (noun) – English words often have more than one meaning for the same word. Knowing the ‘context’ of an English word helps you to understand which meaning is being used for the word in a sentence. ‘Context’ is the information around the word such the beginning of the sentence, the end of the sentence, and even the paragraph where the word was used may all help you to know the meaning of that word.
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